Wednesday April 16, 2014

10th JAMS Christmas day dinner


Plans are set for the 10th annual JAMS Family Christmas Day Dinner to be hosted Christmas Day at Knox Hall. Dinner will start at 1 p.m.

A donation of $10 for the meal is suggested, but those who are unable to pay are still welcome and rides are available upon request. Those who wish to attend  should call Doreen Brown to let her know they plan to come to the dinner and arrange a ride if necessary. Anyone who wishes to make a donation, help set up or serve meals can also contact Brown. All the money raised at the dinner this year will be donated to the Weyburn Humane Society.

Anyone who wants to attend is welcome but those who would otherwise be alone on Christmas are especially encouraged to come to the JAMS Family Christmas Day Dinner.

Sandy Spencer started holding the annual dinner 10 years ago after her husband, Daryl, passed away. There were just over 50 people in attendance that first year but the event has grown by “leaps and bounds”, according to Spencer. Last year, 125 attended the dinner and she said the hall’s limit is probably 130.

“It’s a really good mix of people,” she said, and explained that there are a lot of single people or couples without children in all age groups who come.

“It has become the main family event for us,” said Spencer, whose children and grandchildren are always part of the dinner. She said her grandchildren don’t remember a Christmas that went any other way. “It wouldn’t be Christmas without the JAMS family dinner.”

Spencer said the family could still use monetary donations to purchase the food that is served on Christmas Day and also volunteers, especially some to help clean up after the dinner is done.

“We’ve had good community support,” said Spencer.


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