Thursday April 24, 2014

Triple C Centre just needs one last push to be finished


The Triple C Centre committee is making one last push to finish its fundraising goal of $3.5 million, so that project can be completely finished off.

“We’re very close to the end, and we’re wondering who will it be that will give the donation to put us over the top,” said Joanne Bannatyne-Cugnet.

Part of the wish to complete the project is that the committee wants to inscribe all donors who have given $1,000 or more onto a granite wall, which will be put up near the new front entrance to the school, and all names for this wall have to be in to the committee by Dec. 31.

If any of the final donations to help finish off the project are over $1,000, and if those donors want recognition for their gift on the granite wall, the donation has to be made before the end of 2013, said Bannatyne-Cugnet. Besides their name, the committee also needs to know exactly the wording that is wanted, since it will literally be “written in stone.”

“It’s a safe school, a safe place for our students to be. It’s important to our growing up, and when we see the young people busy with all their extra-curricular stuff, that’s what we want to see at our school,” she said, and this new facility will help ensure they have the facilities to receive their education at. “What we want is the very best for our young people.”

Bannatyne-Cugnet said the seats for Cugnet Centre will continue to be sold, but any significant donations should be in on time to be inscribed on the granite wall.

The granite wall will be designed and inscribed in a similar way to the granite wall which can be found at the RCMP museum, and it will be located near the new office in Colleen Weimer Hall once it’s finished.

There will still also be donations for enhancements, such as the big-screen TVs donated by Cenovus, and names will be engraved when seats are sold.

The Triple C Centre includes sponsored spaces like Cugnet Centre, the Young Fellows kitchen, Colleen Weimer Hall, Helen Davidson choral room and the Mainil dressing room.

The Weimer Hall area will be extra-wide with seating for 300 (since the Cafetorium will be demolished) and the Cugnet Centre will have seating for up to 700 at tables.

“It’s exciting to see things are coming together finally,” said Bannatyne-Cugnet.

She encourages people to contact either herself or the committee chair Deanna Mainil to make their donations.


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