Wednesday April 16, 2014

Weyburn police investigate threats, fraud and bullying


The Weyburn Police Service was busy with many alcohol-related incidents in the past week, along with investigating incidents of threats, break-and-enter, and fraud.

A local resident called about a 29-year-old male who was threatening to burn her house down, but the complainant did not want any police action taken.Officers responded to the complainant’s house later that evening when the 29-year-old male was attempting to break into her house. The male was arrested and lodged in cells until sober.He was charged with breaking and entering, uttering threats and mischief.

Two youths defrauded a local business by altering rolls of loonies or toonies and exchanging them for bills. The rolls of coins had loonies or toonies at each end and quarters in the remainder of the roll. The incident is under investigation to identify the youths.

Presentations relating to cyber-bullying and violence were done at a number of local area schools.

Two females were exchanging threatening and harassing texts to each other. They were both spoken to by the police and advised to cease contact with each other.

Two officers attended Weyburn Mental Health three times this week to assist staff in dealing with a patient. A 32-year-old male was spoken to by officers, and he agreed to follow the directions of the Mental Health Staff, no further assistance was required.

An officer made a routine traffic stop and found that a 27-year-old male passenger in the vehicle had a warrant from Prince Albert Police Service. The same passenger was on conditions to remain within the province of Manitoba. The male was arrested and charged for failing to remain in Manitoba and on his warrant. He was held for transport to Prince Albert and subsequently Manitoba.

Police received a call from a Group Home after a client became aggressive towards a staff worker. Officers attended and spoke to the client who agreed to settle down for the night, no one was injured in the incident and no charges were laid.

A local resident called Weyburn Police Service about a vehicle that had driven by a school bus with the stop arm extended fearing that a child could have been injured. Police are investigating the complaint and would like to remind the public that driving by a school bus with the stop arm extended may result in a $350 fine.

An officer on patrol came upon an accident on Brimacombe Drive, a 17-year-old youth had lost control of his vehicle due to icy conditions and struck a yield sign. There was minimal damage in the accident and no charges were laid.

A bar owner called police requesting assistance in dealing with a male who they had cut off service due to his level of impairment. The male refused to wait for a cab or stay indoors and the bar owner was concerned for his safety due to the extremely cold weather. The male was located and he had managed to get to his motel room which was in the area.

Officers responded to a local hall regarding a domestic dispute. A family was having a disagreement whereas a father was being mean to his spouse and the children were upset, andalcohol may have been a contributing factor. The parties were separated and sent home prior to police arrival.

Police responded to a fight at another local bar. Much of the crowd had left the area prior to police arrival, however, two of the combatants remained. Two males aged 19 and 20 stated that local residents wanted to fight them because they were from out of town. They were given a ride home, no charges were laid.

An 18-year-old male who was driving too fast for road conditions hit a power pole on 6th street knocking several lines down and damaging the pole. He was charged with the offence of driving too fast for road conditions which carries a fine of $175.

Police received a complaint from a local taxi company, they had given a 26-year-old male a ride home. He refused to pay his fare and had exited the cab. Police located the man and he was taken to his mother’s residence. He paid his taxi fare the following day. No charges were laid in the incident.

There were five commercial and six residential alarms during this reporting period.


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