Friday April 25, 2014

My Nikkel's Worth

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Santa called me up the other day to say that Greg was on his naughty list … so I had no option but to steal his Nikkel's Worth for the week.

Last year, when I stole the column, I apologized to his two readers. But guess what Greg! I have five readers! (One of which cuts out all my stories for keepsakes, hi Grandma Alice!).

Now don't worry, I am not being a Scrooge, the whole reason I have stolen the column is to promote the second annual Salvation Army spaghetti-eating contest, which will take place at Boston Pizza on Monday, Dec. 16.

I will be a return contender! In fact due to my loyal readers I was able to earn a lot of money last year for the Salvation Army, and their food bank needs.

Anyone who wants to pledge me is encouraged to drop by the Review before Friday, Dec. 13. Or, like last year, you can make your pledges to me directly at Boston Pizza. It was quite a pleasant surprise to arrive, ready to chow down, and learn that several pledges were made in my name.

Way to go Weyburn!

I learned a lot since last year's spaghetti-eating contest. Firstly, there are some big eaters in town. The three "fastest eaters" were done their plates even before I was half-way through mine.
Training must be key. So any tips for fast spaghetti eating are appreciated. It's not cheating …
Secondly, the support for the Salvation Army and their programs is amazing! I was wowed by the support they get during the annual Toy Run, and then again when the Post Office runs their "Stamp Out Hunger" and the Farm Credit Canada has their "Drive Away Hunger".

It was quite amazing to walk into the restaurant of Boston Pizza last year, and see all the people willing to support a new fundraiser for the Salvation Army.

Thirdly, and perhaps my favourite part, was seeing the friendly smiles and Christmas spirit in Captains Mike and Melissa Mailman. As a reporter, I do see the Mailmans often, to promote their services and programs … and it is always a joy.

You can tell that they have a passion for helping others in our community, and they truly believe in providing a "hand up instead of a hand out".

Christmas might be the busiest time of the year, but their work doesn't stop after December.

Another advantage to their services is that it is all kept anonymous and private. The Salvation Army offers practical assistance for children and families.

I am only one community member who is trying to make a difference (but the one everyone should pledge, just saying). I am ready for another fun attempt to eat spaghetti as fast as I can, and to celebrate the Christmas season with the Salvation Army.

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