Wednesday April 16, 2014

Government continues to fund police


The provincial government announced they will continue to fund targeted police initiatives, which for the Weyburn Police Service means they are continuing to fund two officer positions.

Under this program, Weyburn will receive $210,000 to fund the two positions, said Chief Marlo Pritchard.

One of the positions specifically funded in this program is the organized crime position, with the officer specifically designated to do such tasks as intelligence-gathering and investigations.

The other position is designated as “community enhancement”, which takes in police activities are involved in the community, such as teaching the DARE program to Grade 6 students at the various elementary schools in the city.

“Every community does it differently; this is for any enhancement that helps in the community,” said Chief Pritchard.

“Our government is committed to funding targeted police initiatives across Saskatchewan. These additional resources are directed toward specific crime issues in those communities, resulting in a reduction in crime and ultimately safer communities,” said Christine Tell, minister of Corrections and Policing.

Funding for this program began in 2007, when the government committed to fund 120 new officers for the province.

“It’s good news for the city and for the police that they are continuing to fund these positions — but it’s not new funding,” said Chief Pritchard.


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