Thursday April 17, 2014

Looking to improve the Queen Street crossing

Review photo 3942 — Sabrina Kraft

The safety of the Queen Street railway crossing, that connects industrial businesses to Highway 39, is being reviewed by City Council after several accidents have raised concerns by residents. There are several options to improve safety at this crossing that City Council will be discussing at their Monday, Jan. 13 meeting. One option is to place new crossing lights and arms on the rail crossing, that would be connected to traffic lights on Highway 39, however that would require authorization by both Department of Highways and CP Rail. Second, Queen Street could be changed from a two-way to a one-way designation. Third, a truck turnaround could be placed at the end of Queen Street, eliminating the access to Highway 39. Fourth, there could be a restriction on the length of vehicles allowed on Queen Street. All impact to the industrial businesses in that area, plus traffic to the highway itself will be considered by City Council


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