Monday November 24, 2014

Centennial year ends with a bang


The final celebration for Weyburn’s centennial was held Dec. 31, with family-oriented activities and events throughout the day, including a firework display at the Exhibition Grounds.

“This event ends a very important year for the City of Weyburn,” said Isabelle Butters, chair of the centennial committee.

The centennial celebrations started on Jan. 1, 2013. There was a special Homecoming celebration in August, and then marking the actual birthdate of the city’s centennial on Sept. 13.

“During the Homecoming week, we had many former residents come to Weyburn to join the celebrations,” said Butters. Throughout the year there were several organizations that designed one of their functions in honour of the centennial.

“You are not 100 years old every day, so it was a great experience,” said Butters.

Mayor Debra Button also talked about the significance of the city’s centennial. “What an incredible year! What an incredible celebration! The 100th anniversary of Weyburn and all of its many events has certainly exceeded our expectations.”

“Throughout the past 12 months we were absolutely thrilled with the level of participation and the pride that was the cornerstone of each and every event that our centennial committee hosted,” said Button.

“I could not be prouder of this city and the way that everyone has embraced the centennial, and the years of hard work and municipal planning that led up to this event,” said Button.

“Weyburn truly is a special place, and among its residents are many incredible volunteers and really great people. I have told many audiences and individuals over the years just how much I love this city,” said Button.


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