Saturday November 22, 2014

Humane Society warns of cold temp dangers for pets


With months of winter still ahead of us and more cold snaps all but guaranteed, the Weyburn Humane Society wants to make sure Weyburn and area pets stay safe and are hoping animal lovers will help them.

The Humane Society is asking people to keep an eye out for dogs and cats running loose and call them, regardless of the time of day, if you see one. A shelter volunteer or staff, depending on the time of day, will come pick the animal up and take it somewhere warm until the owners can be contacted or a new home for the animal can be found.

This service is available year round, but is especially important when temperatures are frigid. To get the speediest reply, Weyburn Humane Society president Kelly Eddy asks that people call the shelter.

“Posting on Facebook is okay, but they should also phone the Humane Society,” she said. She explained that comments or posts on their Facebook page can be missed.

“When it’s really cold, no animal should be out there,” said Eddy. “If it’s cold for you, it’s going to be really cold for them probably.”

Some breeds of dogs, such as Huskies, can tolerate the cold fine, but many can’t, so she said pet owners also need to be aware of the condition of the pets in their own back yard.

They are also asking pet owners to be extra careful when the thermometer drops to ensure animals have adequate shelter, bedding, and fresh drinkable water and that they are not left outside too long. The colder and windier the weather, the less time an animal can be outside and they can suffer frostbite and hypothermia just like humans.

Meantime, there are other challenges for the Humane Society in regards to the cats at the animal shelter.

“We’ve got so many cats in here. We’re overfilled with cats,” said Eddy of the shelter. “At some point, we have to make a decision and we’d rather find them homes.”

Cat adoption fees have been reduced to $100 from $140. The reduced adoption rate does not include a spay and neuter rebate.

All ages, sexes and colours are available to adopt and cat lovers who can’t take one home can sponsor the adoption of a cat for somebody else. Eddy said once the adoption fees are paid, the shelter will still ensure the cat finds a good home.


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