Sunday November 23, 2014

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The new Primary Health Centre officially opened on Monday, and four new doctors will start their practices. This is such a good news story for Weyburn!

The new doctors joining our community are Dr. Adanna Ejeckam, Dr. Sameh Ekladious, Dr. Fady Ghaly and Dr. Lilian Narouz. I know that many residents will sigh a big sigh of relief that we have doctors again.

We already welcomed two new doctors at the Weyburn Health Centre a few months ago, when Dr. Mahmood Beheshti and Dr. Taremekedzwa Matiza started their practices.

I remember how hard it was to move to Weyburn (and return back after several years of university) and getting myself familiarized with the town and its residents. For these new doctors this process will be a little harder, as not only are they new to the city, but they are also new to the country too.

Some of them have left behind family to immigrate to Canada and start their practice. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to move to a new country, and still have your heart and mind on your family back home.

Before Weyburn was known as the Opportunity City, we were the Hospitality Capital of Saskatchewan. I believe we should demonstrate that hospitality again, by welcome these new doctors into the community.

Our role as established community members is to help these new doctors to integrate into the community. The city and Sun Country Health Region have a good start to welcoming the new doctors, with a committee that will provide all the civic information the new doctors will need to familiarize themselves with the local community.

But we can do our part too! We can recommend local community-based businesses, we can invite them to attend service club meetings, and we can ensure that they feel welcomed.

There is so much value in having a family doctor, and I was lucky enough to reconnect with Dr. Katie Fong when I returned to Weyburn over eight years ago.

There is also a very high demand for doctors in other rural areas, and while Weyburn itself is an urban city, there are many residents from smaller rural communities who are driving here for their physician visits.

It will be important to have patience, especially if you are still trying to find a family doctor. These new doctors have started their practice, but they will need time to get to know each person.

For myself, I will end this column by giving a big ol’ wave of welcome to each of the new doctors.

Hope you love Weyburn!

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