Sunday November 23, 2014

City police investigate assault report


A 27-year-old woman attended Weyburn Police Service on Sunday and reported that she had been assaulted. Information relating to the assault was gathered and police subsequently located and arrested a 32-year-old male for assault. He was charged for assaulting the female and four counts of breaching a recognizance. He was remanded in custody until court on Tuesday.

A complaint was received on Feb. 11 from two females aged 21 and 18, who had attended Weyburn Police Service to report both had been touched inappropriately by a 49-year-old male. The suspect is known to both victims. Police continue to investigate the allegation.

Police responded to a fight between a male and female on Feb. 15. Two additional complaints were received while officers were on route. A 22-year-old male was found lying in the street and was transported to hospital. The female had fled prior to police arrival. The investigation into the assault is ongoing.
Police responded to a disturbance at a local hockey arena on Saturday. Several sets of parents were advised to leave the rink after they displayed unruly behavior.

Police received a call from a local cab company on Feb. 11 requesting assistance in dealing with an unruly customer near a bank ATM. When police arrived they found a 36-year-old male who was intoxicated. It was determined he had been in a fight at a local bar but was not cooperative, and did not want to pursue charges relating to the fight. He paid his cab fare and was taken home. No criminal charges will be laid in the incident.

Police received a call from a local business on Feb. 11 requesting that officers seize a semi due to nonpayment of a repair bill. He also stated that he had a key for the truck. Police attended and as a result of the investigation, determined it was a civil matter and recommended the business pursue the matter through civil court.

Police responded to a local motel regarding a theft of cash on Feb. 14.  An investigation into the theft is ongoing and police have identified a suspect.

Police responded to a two-vehicle motor vehicle accident near the hockey rink on Feb 11.  A vehicle attempted to pass another vehicle as it was turning left into a parking lot resulting in a collision. The information of both drivers was taken and they were advised to report the accident to SGI.

Police received a request on Feb. 11 to attempt locate a 14-year-old female who the family indicated may be suicidal. An investigation was started and information and details relating to the girl were obtained from family. The 14-year-old was located after she called her mother while police were at the residence. She was later transported to the hospital.  

Police attended a local residence on Feb. 12 to assist Public Health in dealing with a complaint about a resident dumping waste on the Street. The residence did not have running water and was condemned by Public Health; the occupant was given notice to vacate the premises.

Police responded to a local bar on Feb. 13 regarding a patron causing problems and who wouldn’t leave. Officers spoke to the male and he eventually left the bar with his brother, and no charges were laid.

An off-duty police officer requested police attend to an accident scene where a vehicle hit a tree on Sunday. A 30-year-old male was arrested and taken in for a breath test, his readings were below .08 but he was suspended from driving for 24 hours, and given tickets for speeding and drive too fast for road conditions.


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