Saturday November 22, 2014

WIT Shareholders Group meeting a deadline

Review photo 3882 — Greg Nikkel

Members of the WIT Shareholders Group busily stuff envelopes with a revised circular of information on Friday, in an effort to get all the information they could to shareholders of the Weyburn Inland Terminal, following a ruling handed down in Court of Queen’s Bench on Wednesday. In the ruling, the justice is allowing the “dissident” group to solicit proxy votes in regard to the sale of the Terminal to Canadian grain company, Parrish & Heimbecker, but they had to get the revised information out to all shareholders by Monday. The work bee includes, from left going clockwise around the table, Dave Beach, Al Richards, Dan Cugnet, Lynn Beach, Tannis Axten, Phil Babiarz, Derek Axten (at the end), Sarah Leguee, Mark Bratrud, Tim Wagner and Michael Mainil. The vote on the sale of WIT will be held on Friday, Feb. 28, at 1 p.m. at McKenna Hall.


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