Wednesday November 26, 2014

Starting a kindness chain reaction

Review photo 3399 — Elise Thomsen

Tanice Abramson, a learning support teacher at Haig School, helps Lauren McKinney and Abby Akins bag the leaves they raked at a home near the school as part of a RAK Pack kindness project. The RAK Pack meets weekly to commit random acts of kindness and hope that the kindness reaches people in Weyburn and that the ones they help may be inspired to pass it on. Some of the club’s kindness projects include shovelling snow for neighbours of the school, raking leaves, choosing and promoting school spirit days, serving hot chocolate to playground supervisors, writing letters to Canadian soldiers, visiting Crocus Villa residents and more. Abramson began the RAK Pack during the 2012/13 school year with fellow teachers Tammy Grieve and Holly Butz. Erin Walter joined this year and the teachers now lead a group of roughly 25 students.


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