Sunday November 23, 2014

Police investigate thefts of cell phones at Junior High


Police received a complaint regarding cell phones being stolen from classes at the Weyburn Junior High over the past few months. The Weyburn Police Service is requesting anyone who has a child attending the Weyburn Junior High and has lost a phone to please report the incident to the police. The investigation is ongoing.  

An individual driving in the downtown area found a lost four-year-old boy walking near the police station on Mar. 4. The child was brought inside the police station where the boy identified himself to Victim Services.  Police took the boy home where they found the mother was out looking for the missing child.  He was returned safe and sound and police would like to thank this Good Samaritan for his actions.

Police responded to a report of an accident at Highway 39 and Third Street on Mar. 5. One vehicle was driving eastbound on Hwy. 39 when it was struck by a vehicle travelling southbound on Third Street; the driver of the vehicle travelling southbound was charged with failing to stop for a red light. There were no reported injuries.

Police responded to a downtown business for a report of a female shoplifter on Mar. 5. Stolen were a Samsung tablet, radar detector and some speakers. Police have obtained the surveillance video of the suspect and this investigation is ongoing.

Police responded to an accident at Fifth Street and Fifth Avenue between two vehicles on Saturday. EMS also attended as the female driver of one of the vehicles had sustained non- life-threatening injuries and was transported to hospital for treatment. The adult male driver of the other vehicle was charged with failing to yield when making a left turn.

Police responded to an accident at 10th Street and East Avenue on Thursday. The collision between two vehicles resulted in one occupant going to the hospital with minor injuries. The investigation concluded with no charges being laid in this accident.

Police responded to a report of a domestic disturbance on Railway Avenue on Mar. 3. The individuals, an adult male and female, were located in a vehicle. During the intervention it was determined the female had an arrest warrant out of Coronach. She was arrested and released for court at a later date.

Police responded to a downtown drinking establishment on Friday for a report of two males causing a disturbance and refusing to leave. Upon arrival both males agreed to leave on their own, but a short time later one of the males re-entered the establishment. Police arrested this male and he was placed in cells for the evening. Police charged the adult male with re-entering an outlet after being asked to leave, and he was later released from cells when sober.

Police responded to a report of a fight at a local drinking establishment on Sunday; upon arrival it was learned that two males had an altercation and the one adult male had already fled the scene. Police dealt with the remaining individual and he was removed from the establishment and advised not to return.

Police responded to a report of a hit and run on 18th Street on Sunday. A short time later police received a report of a damaged truck being seen near a parking lot in the area of the original hit and run. It was also reported individuals were seen fleeing from the vehicle. Police have identified a person of interest and the investigation is ongoing.

Police received a call through 911 of someone trying to break into the back of an apartment on the east side of town on Monday. Upon arrival police found an intoxicated male known to the complainant. He was arrested for being drunk in public and was lodged in cells until sober.

  If you or anyone you know has any information regarding any of the above crimes, or any other serious crime, police are encouraging you to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), or to contact the Weyburn Police Service.


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