Saturday November 22, 2014

An obituary for the late Weyburn Inland Terminal


To the Editor:

An obituary to the “Death of a Dream”:

Weyburn Inland Terminal  1976 — Feb. 28, 2014.

The one of a kind, Weyburn Inland Terminal, known as WIT,
Was “Just a Bunch of Farmers” that all started it!

What I wish to speak about, and I hope you don’t think it trash,
Is the little line between the years — you could call it “The Dash”!

This represents the life of WIT of how it spent its time.
For all of WIT’s “Firsts” in the agri-biz, that would be a second rhyme !

The first few years weren’t easy, very tough in every part.

Here I must pay tribute to the “Dreamer”, The man known as Art!

Now Art, he was not stupid, and when the times got very tense,
“Don’t sweat it boys,” says Art, “we’ll just build it with common sense!”

Whatever the problem be, the government, the church, or the Pool,
To Art ‘twas just another obstacle to overcome; he was nobody’s fool!

But he wouldn’t take the credit, he gave it where he felt it due,
The Ed Goudys, The Don Olahs, the Ray Kelleys, just to name a few.

Many others mention, oh so many more, to which he honour gave,
Read “Just a Bunch of Farmers” if this list you crave.

Many trials and troubles followed them through the years,
With many meetings and a few beers,

All were hit  head on, and beat back at the line!

Then the first to really hurt, happened in ’99!

With UGG involved, many wanted to sell, but really, no dollars were involved; Shares offered, a little cash, but the total dollars never was resolved.

This board, (mostly same ones today) fought the sale so strong,
Roy, he saved the day, and revived WIT to where it did belong.

We are offered $17.25 per share, which will make some people rich.

But $94 Mil. seems pretty small, when you think of all in the ‘pitch’.

When our new hospital is about a $100 Mil. to  cover cost
A terminal like WIT and accessories, I’d think almost a Bil. is lost!

Now the day has come, we must decide its fate,
Can it be saved again before it is too late?

We’ve not been given “reasons”, its assumptions you can’t see.

But here something is wrong — Just Assume? makes an ass of u and me.

“The rail won’t pick up from a single point” — they just won’t take !

With a unit train, only one stop — Give us a break!

“A single point just can’t survive.”— It has since ‘76 !

“Rail cars might be distributed differently” — No guarantee, so nix!

Now let’s assume on our part, and I’ll try not go astray,
The trucking premium we have received, it just might go away!

Then there’s that one load of “tuff”, “no problem, it will go with dry”!
Now, downgraded, no hope, no matter what you try.

Now there’s that load of durum, with a bit of ergot running free,
“Oh, not a problem — we’ll throw it in, mix with #3.

“This is a #4, but if you can spread your deliveries out, mix to #2”.
No free drying, that is gone, you’ll pay for all they do.

These things all happened in WIT in the past but gone forever more,
The dollar signs show up as profit, now go to the Co. Store.

Leading the service for poor old WIT are the Chair and the CEO,
The mourners are the 20 per cent, who are not sure which way to go.

The pallbearers are the directors, the last to “let her down”!
(You can put your own line in here)

So here stands WIT, a monument, all tall and straight and tense,
Is that another grave for that old man? The one known as Common Sense!

Ron Lutz,


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