Sunday November 23, 2014

Demolition continues at the Comp

Review photo 4422 — Greg Nikkel

A power shovel works at moving aside the debris as the old brick areas of the Weyburn Comprehensive School get demolished, with the demo of the Cafetorium underway on Apr. 9. The old 1913 Collegiate has already been taken down, and all the brick building remaining will also be taken down, including the former Cafetorium, before construction gets underway for the new junior high classrooms, and the new space for the Southeast Regional College Weyburn campus as part of contract two for the multi-year project. Once completed, the Comp will house the Grades 7 to 12 under one roof, and the current Junior High will then be replaced by a new elementary school building, and QE and Haig Schools will then close.


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