Friday November 21, 2014

Weyburn police watch over protest, chase speeding car


Weyburn Police Service officers monitored the Pro-Life/Intolerance Free Weyburn protest at Memorial Park and subsequently McKenna Hall on Friday and Saturday. There were no incidents which arose from the protest.

Police attempted to stop a speeding vehicle on Friday, and a Weyburn Police Service vehicle was damaged when the same vehicle allegedly backed into a patrol car. The vehicle drove away but was stopped by officers a short distance away. A 23-year-old male was arrested and charged for impaired driving, refusing a breath test and fleeing from police. He will also be facing traffic safety act and alcohol gaming act charges. He was held in custody and later released to appear in court in May. The police officer was not injured.

Police received a call when a client failed to return to a Group Home on Apr. 7. He was located the following day at a friend’s home and he was okay. The information was passed on to the home.

Police did a curfew check on Apr. 7 on a 32-year-old male who was on conditions to follow a curfew, and he was not at home when the check was done. The male was found at home hours later and stated that he had car problems. He was arrested for breaching his curfew and was lodged in cells.

Police checked a vacant residence on Apr. 8 where it appeared that someone had been staying. The house was monitored by officers and a 22-year-old male was caught after running into the back yard. He was arrested for breaking and entering and was transported to Weyburn Police Service. He was searched and two marijuana cigarettes were found in his shirt pocket. He was charged for the break and enter and possession of marijuana.

City police received information on Apr. 8 about a 22-year-old who had used an air-powered BB gun to cause a substantial amount of damage in a vacant home.

The male was found to be on a conditional sentence order. Police arrested the male on his order and he was charged for causing mischief over $5,000. He was lodged in cells and appeared in court.

Police received a note from a 16-year-old female on Apr. 9; the content was of concern and it was determined that she may have been suicidal. Officers followed up on the information from the note and the youth returned home approximately five hours later, and was okay.

Police mediated a property dispute between two individuals on Apr. 9. Several items were dropped off at Weyburn Police Service for the other person to pick up.
Police received a complaint of bullying from a mother and her daughter on Apr. 9. An officer attended the girl’s school and met with everyone involved. All parties agreed to leave each other alone.

Police received a complaint where a vehicle was egged, sprayed with silly string and had blizzards thrown at it on Thursday. The vehicle mischief is under investigation.

A Canada Post Worker was bitten by a dog at a residence on Thursday. An officer took a statement from the victim, a 21-year-old male; the resulting injuries were minor in nature and no stitches were needed. The homeowner was charged for allowing the dog to run at large.

Police responded to a domestic situation where two males were yelling at each other on Thursday. A 42-year-old male had punched the window out of a 50-year-old male’s vehicle which resulted in a fight. The 42-year-old male was bleeding from his hand but refused medical attention and the 50-year-old was given a ride home. No charges were laid in the incident.

An officer checked a vehicle that was stopped on the side of a highway on Friday, and the vehicle did not have a license plate.  The driver smelled of beverage alcohol and was read an alcotest demand. A 51-year-old male provided a sample which resulted in a fail reading. He was arrested for impaired driving and transported to Weyburn Police Service. He provided two breath samples on the Intoxilyzer which indicated that he was over .08. He was charged for driving while over .08.

Police received a call from an Estevan taxi driver on Friday. The driver brought three males to Weyburn; they exited the cab to have a cigarette and ran away. A statement was taken from the driver and the incident is under investigation.
Police received a complaint of a gas drive off on Friday, the offender took $58 worth of fuel without paying. The offender was contacted and returned to the gas station and paid for the fuel.

Police responded to a fight at a local bar on Sunday. Two males aged 25 and 27 had a fight, with the 27-year-old receiving injuries after getting punched in the face. Police are investigating the fight.

Police received a call about a vehicle lying on its roof on the outlying area of Weyburn on Sunday. A 37-year-old male was found walking on the highway near the vehicle; however, no one could place the male as the driver of the vehicle. He was arrested for breaching his conditions and was lodged in Weyburn Police Service cells. Police are investigating the accident.

If you or anyone you know has any information regarding any of the above crimes, or any other serious crime, police are encouraging you to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-Tips(8477), or to contact the Weyburn Police Service.


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