Thursday November 20, 2014

Summerview development designed by local brothers


A new development called Summerview Estates is offering country experiences, with close-to-city conveniences. Summerview is situated just one mile east of Weyburn.

Summerview was developed by Josh Pulfer and Dan Pulfer, two brothers who were born and raised in the Weyburn area. Summerview offers natural areas and green spaces, smaller parcel sizes and close proximity to the city. “Our goal is to build a community designed to suit an active, healthy lifestyle with a focus on outdoor activities and natural settings,” said Josh.

“We had the plan to build this country-living development a long time ago, but it wasn’t until these last two years when Weyburn started to expand and grow that we were able to get it off the ground,” said Josh.

“We had to build a nice community,” added Josh. “We like the idea of having a community like Summerview. The residents who have bought lots like the fact that they will be close to the city, that it is smaller acres so not as much maintenance, and enough room for privacy.”

Moria Pulfer, wife of Dan, said that acreage living is something that she enjoys.

“There are so many joys to having that extra space, you are not so limited.”

Seven lots were available in the first phase of Summerview, and all but two are already sold. There will be 11 lots available when phase two is completed.

Josh said that they have more land for expansion, but they are currently letting the market define the need for expansion.

The lots are smaller acreages, sized between three to five acres parcels. There is established trees and grass on every parcel. Green-spaces have also been set aside to provide a natural setting and a quiet, community feeling while ensuring protection of the natural drainages.

There is a total of eight acres that is in environmental reserve. They have over 15,000 trees that are already planted, and are maintained yearly. There are over 20 different tree species, and they are planning to plant 3,000 more trees this spring.

Essential services such as power (via SaskPower) and natural gas (via SaskEnergy) are available on all lots. SaskTel landline service is also on hand nearby for easy hook up. A down payment toward city of Weyburn water was paid for each lot to guarantee that reliable access to safe drinking water is available.

Both Josh and Dan are certified to build and design septic and waste water treatments, which is a requirement for each of the lots. Josh said they had hydrogeology surveys done to ensure each lot could be serviced with the amenities they need.

They also had engineering studies done for the drainage and the roads in the development. They are waiting on engineering some drainage right now, before moving forward on the next phase of the development.

“We have worked with the RM to make sure this all gets done properly; it has been a learning curve,” said Josh. He said that new development precedents were established including being the first to do smaller parcels, the first to set aside the green space, and the first ones to do engineering for the drainage and the roads.

Josh and Dan work out on the site, so they are willing to talk to anyone who wants some more information on the development. There is also information on their website, located at:


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