Wednesday November 26, 2014

Water, sewer trunk main to be extended further

City council also approves pigeon eradication
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City council approved a proposal to build an extension to the trunk main for water and sewer service, to enable further development on the city’s east side, including The Creeks, The Meadows and the Assiniboia Park subdivisions.

The city had a feasibility study done on the proposal, including setting out the costs. The Creeks could proceed with development without full trunk main development, but the areas north, including The Meadows and Assiniboia Park, could not proceed yet, nor could highway commercial development in The Creeks occur unless the trunk was developed further north up to First Avenue.

“This would allow development to move quicker in getting highway commercial development, which will help the city with economic development,” council was told by Doug Rogers of The Creeks development.

According to the city’s director of planning and development, Martino Verhaeghe, this whole area on the east/northeast sides of Weyburn has great potential for development, with 625 acres for residential development, 100 acres for commercial development, and 250 acres of industrial land, with potential to add as much as 9,500 in population when all these areas are fully developed.

Cost-wise service to only The Creeks can be done for about $3.05 million, but to extend the service to include The Meadows, on the quarter-section north The Creeks, would increase the cost to around $3.75 million. It may require an increase in the off-site levy of around three per cent, to $2,400 an acre or 14¢ a square foot, across the city for sewer service.

Council approved a tender bid by RIVA Pigeon Control to eradicate problem pigeon populations at the Weyburn Leisure Centre and Weyburn Public Library.

There were two proposals received, but the proposal from the other company, Poulin’s Pest Control, only proposed spikes over the entry of the library, and only removing dead birds from the Leisure Centre roof once a month. RIVA proposed using netting over the library entrance, which was specified by the city as part of the project; they would also monitor the trap at the Leisure Centre every three to six days, along with using custom netting over the rooftop units of the Leisure Centre.

The result was, RIVA had a suggested price of $23,000 plus GST and lift rental, while Poulin’s price was $8,694 plus GST, and an eight-per-cent fuel surcharge.

RIVA proposes to do full cleanup, including disinfection and odour elimination, removal of all nests and feces, and power pressure washing the entire area, to remove possible health risks.

This company also guaranteed to the city a full eradication of problem pigeons from these two facilities.

The total of building permits to the end of March continue to show construction activity in Weyburn, but at a lesser value than from last year’s activities.

According to the report as of the end of March, Weyburn had issued a total of 27 building permits worth $5,882,000 so far in 2014. A year ago, at this same time of year, there were 15 building permits issued worth $9,058,250.

From the 12 building permit issued in March, two were for commercial additions worth $250,000; seven were for mobile homes worth a total of $1,610,000.

In addition, one permit was issued for a new detached dwelling unit with a construction value of $400,000; and two permits were for residential detached garages with a value of $30,000.

Council approved an application by New Age Motor Sports to expand their store on Railway Avenue, with conditions.

The expansion will take the building currently at 743 square metres, or 8,000 sq. ft., up to 1,086 sq. m or 11,680 sq. ft., on the east side of the store.

The expanded area is intended to be a showroom for boats and ATVs.

The conditions, approved by council, include that there be an addition of five new parking spaces, at a cost of $4,100 per stall; the assignment of an additional off-street loading space; and payment of offsite development levies of a total of $12,364, due upon the issuing of the building permit, and confirmation of the final building size.

In other council business:

• Garry Windecker of Weyburn won the tender for traffic line painting on city streets, with a bid of $52,800 plus GST; the project will include painting 192 crosswalks, eight intersections, but not centre lines as the city feels the current paint is holding up well.
Council indicated they may want to negotiate with Windecker to paint some centre lines if they need it this summer. The paint will need to be applied twice, once in spring, and one in late summer.

• Four bids were received for boiler replacement at the Weyburn Leisure Centre; Don’s Plumbing was awarded the contract with a bid of $132,405, including GST. Due to the time needed for the boiler replacement, reopening of the indoor pool will be delayed this fall until the beginning of October.

• Weyburn Minor Hockey requested the use of an unused dressing room upstairs in the lobby of the Tom Zandee Sports Arena, to use as their office and meeting room, and said they would cover the cost to renovate if the city would grant them use of the room rent-free; council approved providing them with the dressing room, but not rent-free. The rental cost will be based on current building rental rates.

• At Nickle Lake Regional Park, construction of the new office for the entrance is 95-per-cent, and a new play structure unit is complete with donated concrete materials; pending costs for play equipment will determine if the park will go ahead with it this year.

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