Sunday November 23, 2014

Young dancer has music in heart and soul, big dreams


Tommy Wagner loves to dance, as the music beats in his heart and his soul, and his biggest dream is to get to Los Angeles as a professional dancer.

The nine-year-old dancer is very close to getting his first opportunity in Los Angeles too, as he received a $1,000 scholarship to the “Be Discovered” intensive summer dance club.

Kendra Sidloski, his mother, explained that they are not sure the family would be able to take advantage of the “Be Discovered” scholarship this year, since the dance program itself is very expensive.

“He really wants to go, but he also knows that if he is winning these awards now, there will be more opportunities in the future for another scholarship.”

“I really want to learn new dance moves, and meet new people (in the industry),” said Tommy about his dreams.

Tommy has been dancing for roughly four years, and he first found his passion for dance when he watched his sister Jaime Wagner compete, and he would dance in front of the stage.
Over the years he was also inspired by his dance teacher Tyla Rimmer from DeeTricky Feet, and his cousin Kayleigh Shikanai, who recently won Miss Regina for dancing and will be moving to Los Angeles to pursue her own dancing dreams.

During four recent dance competitions, which were held during the spring, Tommy won an array of trophies for some of the most prestigious awards. These include the most entertaining performer, the most outstanding performer, the ‘Smile’ award and the Cienna Memorial Scholarship, which is presented to a dancer who shows the true love of dance. He won all awards for his jazz solo performance.

In addition to being trained in jazz, Tommy also dances tap, ballet, hip hop, lyrical and musical theatre dances. The thing he likes most about dancing is being with his friends, and having the opportunity to influence younger boys to get into dance.

Practice is very important to the young dancer, and Sidloski notes that he is very dedicated, sometimes annoying his other siblings by practicing tap from morning until night.


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