Wednesday November 26, 2014

Local diplomat meets Afghan president

Photo 4801 courtesy James Hill

James Hill, Weyburn native and member of Canada’s diplomatic corps, shakes hands with Hamid Karzai, who was the president of Afghanistan until early April. Hill just recently completed an 18-month tour of duty as the Deputy Head of Mission in the Canadian Embassy in Kabul; of all the postings he’s had around the world, Afghanistan had the tightest security, and he was not able to just go out and enjoy the local culture as he normally does in other postings. Karzai stepped down as president after 13 years in the top position, the only Afghan leader to voluntarily do so without being forcibly removed. For full details on the work of James Hill, please refer to the story, “Local works around the world”, published on the front page of the May 14 issue of the Weyburn Review.


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