Thursday November 20, 2014

New community ministries coordinator for the Salvation Army


Laura Morrissette, the new community ministries coordinator for the Weyburn Salvation Army, showcases the newly organized food bank at the Salvation Army church. In her new position, Morrissette will be responsible to organizing community events and managing both the food store and Thrift Store, that are both located on Fourth Street. Residents are reminded that programs and community support will continue to be offered from the Weyburn Salvation Army, and that all proceeds or food items that are collected in Weyburn, will stay in Weyburn to help families. Lieut. Mike and Melissa Mailman are relocated to Nova Scotia to serve as Captains in the community of Yarmouth; and starting in June, the Weyburn and Estevan Salvation Army will amalgamate under a new circuit, with Lieut. Brian and June Bobolow to oversee both locations.


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