Monday November 24, 2014

Sun Country Kids Club to auction art letters at Art Farm

Review photo 4869 — Greg Nikkel

Summer staff and the executive for the Sun Country Kids Club show off the art pieces created last year by Kids Club participants to spell out the name “Weyburn”, which will be auctioned off at the upcoming Art Farm event on Saturday, June 14. From left to right are Shenay Maurer, Jenna Haupstein and Brooke Tokarz, and Sheryl Willms-Bromm, executive director of the Kids Club. The children attending Kids Club, along with artists Heather van der Breggen and Rickee-Lee Webster, created the letters, with each one representing some of the cultures that now make up the city and area’s population. Some of the cultures represented include Filipino, Scottish, First Nations, German, East Indian, Mexican and Ukrainian; they also cast their hands to make the bases of the art pieces. The proceeds from auctioning the letters will go to buy supplies for their program, and allow them to have community spaces for some of their at-risk children who otherwise may not have a safe place to go after school or during summer.


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