Saturday November 22, 2014

St. Michael students earn academic, sports awards


St. Michael Junior High held their 47th annual awards night on Thursday evening in the school gym, including academic, sports and extracurricular awards.

For the academic awards, each grade had awards for general proficiency, to the top student with the most points for academic achievement and extracurricular activities; the Religion Award, for the student who truly demonstrates Catholic values at school and in the community; and the Honour of Achievement awards, which is the newest version of the Honour Roll of previous years.

For Grade 7, Lorynn Labbie won the general proficiency award, Mia Vilcu was presented the Religion Award, and the following earned the Honour of Achievement: Emma Bitz, Jaxon Chartrand, Meagan Dutchak, Mackenna Glennie, Abby Johnson, Lorynn Labbie, Cordel Larson, Chaylene Lascelle, Mikaila Mahnke, Savannah Pohl, Liana Ness, Alyssa Romanovitch, Alexis Vandermey and Klea Zummack.

For Grade 8, Chantal Vogel was presented the general proficiency award, and Brogan Regier received the Religion Award. The Honour of Achievement awards went to Bailey Brenholen, Callyn Burns, Julie Ducharme, Jade Hayes, Rylan Hoffman, Denae Neufeld, Matthew O’Neill, Brogan Regier, Mary Sidloski and Chantal Vogel.

For Grade 9, the general proficiency award went to Kylee Adacsi, while Kailee Bell was presented the Religion Award.

The Honour of Achievement awards went to Kylee Adacsi, David Anderson, Spencer Anderson, Alexis Ashworth, Hannah Bitz, Shayda Cook, Nivay Haupstein, Laryssa Hoffman, Brittany Kot, Autumn Lang, Dalton Neiszner, Rhett Nikolejsin, Cody Schlosser, Sonya Smirnova, Madison Solie, Maryalle Tan, Linzee Wall and Levi Woodard.

The Award of Excellence, presented to students who were on the Honour Roll for all three junior grades, went to Kylee Adacsi, Hannah Bitz, Cody Schlosser, Maryalle Tan and Levi Woodard.

The Don Larocque Citizenship Award was presented to Dalton Neiszner. This award, named for a 28-year teacher at St. Michael, recognizes a student who is aware of the needs of others, doesn’t hesitate to help students or teachers, is a team person, is not selfish but giving, is respectful to students and adults, and has a pleasant personality.

The Jerry Jordens Work Ethic Award went to Hannah Bitz, who was also the out-going chair of the SRC, and was presented the gavel by incoming SRC co-chairs Jade Hayes and Chantal Vogel.

The Jordens award is named for former principal Jerry Jordens, and recognizes a student with a great work ethic who strives to succeed and shows consistency of effort.

The coaches award recognized the top athletes in each of the sports at St. Michael School.

In volleyball, the award for the boys A team went to Levi Woodard and Rylie Mainil, and for the girls A team, Columbia Garbutt. The award for the boys B team went to Chase Fillmore, and for the girls B team, Mary Sidloski.

In basketball, the boys A team award went to Cody Vilcu, and the girls A team award went to Kylee Adacsi; the girls B team award went to Kourtney Mitchell.

In badminton, the boys award went to Cody Moser, and the girls award to Brittany Kot.

The curling award was presented to Matthew O’Neill, and Laryssa Hoffman was presented with both the cross-country award and the track and field award.

The Athlete of the Year for boys was Levi Woodard, and for girls was Kylee Adacsi.

Scholarships for sports was then presented; from the Catholic Women’s League, Madison Solie and Chantal Vogel were the recipients; from the Knights of Columbus, the recipients were Alexis Ashworth and Kylee Adacsi; and from the school-community council, Emma Bitz was the recipient. The scholarship for dance, from the school-community council, went to David Anderson.

The music awards were as follows: most promising brass, Abby Johnson; most promising woodwind, Lorynn Labbie; and most promising percussion, Ben Anderson.

The best brass player award went to David Anderson; best woodwind player was Hannah Bitz, and the choral award went to Jayla Kaip.

The drama awards for best actor was a tie between David Anderson and Dalton Neiszner.

Tiger badges were presented to students who have earned 150 points for extracurricular activities or more over the last four years.

The recipients included Kylee Adacsi, David Anderson, Kailee Bell, Hannah Bitz, Columbia Garbutt, Nivay Haupstein, Laryssa Hoffman, Jayla Kaip, Autumn Lang, Rylie Mainil, Kourtney Mitchell, Matthea Mlynarski, Dalton Neiszner, Cody Schlosser, Cody Vilcu and Levi Woodard.


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