Friday November 21, 2014

Police respond to many complaints

Calls of service over weekend

The Weyburn Police Services had a busy weekend, as they responded to complaints of impaired driving, noise complaints, and domesticated situations.

On Friday, police received a complaint about an intoxicated male that entered an apartment building. A 22-year-old intoxicated male was found in the building, he was taken to a residence where a homeowner took responsibility for him. No charges were laid.

Then, police responded to a complaint from a 69-year-old male who was hit in the shoulder by the side mirror of a vehicle as he was crossing the City Centre Mall parking lot. The 39-year-old male driver of the suspect vehicle was located and charged for driving without due care and attention in a parking lot.

There was a complaint of a possible impaired driver stuck in the mud on the trails by Signal Hill on Friday.  A 23-year-old male was found in the vehicle.  He was arrested and transported to Weyburn Police Service.

He provided breath samples and was subsequently charged with: having care or control of a vehicle while impaired and having care or control of a vehicle while over .08.

The driver was lodged in cells due to high readings and was released the following morning on a promise to appear for a warrant and an undertaking by a Justice of the Peace.

The Weyburn Police Service is investigating a report of a theft from a residence where a small amount of cash and jewelry was taken.

On Saturday, police responded to a noise complaint, a 23-year-old female was warned about the noise and agreed to turn the music off. No charges were laid in the complaint.

The police receive a statement from a 31-year-old female about being assaulted by a 38-year-old male at a local bar.  She requested that he be warned about his actions. No charges were laid in the incident.

 Also on Saturday, the police were called to a local hotel to deal with a report of an intoxicated male who was planning on driving. The matter was mediated, but shortly thereafter at about 2:15 p.m. the police were called back because the person was causing more problems.

As a result a 38-year-old male was arrested for being intoxicated in public and was lodged in cells until sober.
The police dealt with a domestic situation between an 82-year-old male and a 68-year-old female on Saturday.

The female had been assaulted but did not want charges laid. Alternate accommodations were found for her following the assault.

On Sunday, the police investigated a report of a suspicious male person who approached a 22-year-old female driver offering money for sex.

Earlier in the week, the police responded to an accident at the intersection of 11th Street and East Avenue on Wednesday. A 30-year-old female was charged for failing to yield after she entered the intersection and collided with another vehicle.

On Thursday, police responded to a noise complaint.  A 38-year-old female was warned about the noise, and no charges were laid.

A 22-year-old male was reported missing from the Weyburn Group Home on June 24. He was located in Weyburn several hours later and he returned to the home unharmed.

Police responded to an accident on 18th Street on June 24. Two vehicles were travelling south, when the first vehicle stopped abruptly and the second ran into it. Officers determined that both parties were at fault and no charges were laid.

Police received a complaint about a vehicle driving erratically in the exhibition grounds on June 24. A 17-year-old male was located and charged with driving without due care and attention.

In the early morning hours of June 24, the police received numerous complaints of mischief having been done to yards and property in the McGillivray Drive, 700 block of 18th Street, and Slezak Crescent areas.

A total of 11 complaints were received. Despite vehicle and foot patrols the responsible people could not be located. Homeowners seeing the group described them as being three to four youth in the 13-15 year old range. Damage was done to properties by the suspects setting off fire extinguishers.

A 2009 Fleetwood Prowler RV was stolen from a local business on June 23.  The theft is under investigation. The vehicle was stored at a compound on East Avenue over the winter.

Police received a complaint of a possible fraud on June 23, the victim being an 82-year-old female. Various items were purchased from the woman by a 67-year-old male, at what appeared to be a greatly reduced price. An officer dealt with both parties and the items were returned. No charges were laid.

Anyone who has any information regarding any of the above crimes, or any other serious crime, are encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-Tips(8477), or to call the Weyburn Police Service.


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