Friday November 21, 2014

Council approves rezoning of land for Meadows, Creeks


Weyburn city council gave final approval for rezoning for one subdivision development, and gave first reading for another development which will allow for a new hotel on Highway 13 east, and high-density residential development.

The latter application is to rezone a portion of The Creeks, located on the city’s east side, from Urban Holdings to Highway Commercial and R4 (residential suburban multi-family).

This project size is 5.2 acres, which will expand the city’s Highway Commercial sector on Highway 13 East by an additional 3.3 acres, and is expected to be further developed in the near future.

The high-density residential development will be geared towards seniors near Warren Avenue, and the area will be considered suitable for construction once new trunk mains are extended as a condition of the subdivision.

According to the city’s Official Community Plan, the highway commercial corridor along Highway 13 East is “one of the few remaining servicable opportunities for highway commercial development in the city.”

The first reading for the bylaw to rezone this land was approved, and a public hearing has been set for the council’s sole meeting in July, to be held on Monday, July 21.

For the other bylaw amendment, the final readings were given to rezone land for The Meadows subdivision, which is located immediately north of The Creeks, on the north side of Highway 13.

This proposal will rezone 12 acres for development from Urban Holdings to Highway Commercial, R1 (detached residential) and R4 (Multi-family residential), to allow for the development of various commercial and service-based land along Highway 13, and for Phase 1 of the residential component.

The Highway Commercial designation is the primary zoning for all areas fronting onto highways within the Weyburn area.

The residential development is expected to be townhouse development buffering smaller lot detached dwellings and estate homes along the tributary.

According to Martino Verhaeghe, director of planning and development, the Meadows concept plan provides for the logical expansion of residential and commercial development in northeast Weyburn.

The total area of the neighbour is 82 acres, including the extension of the Tatagwa Parkway system.

The servicing of this area is expected to proceed in 2015, and will done as a condition of the subdivision.


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