Saturday November 22, 2014

Stoughton grad ceremony includes year-end awards


Stoughton (cpd) — The graduating class at Stoughton Central School for 2014 was small this year, compared to most other years. The six graduates held their supper and ceremony on June 27.

Graduating this year were: Shannon Belanger, Meagan Breault, Rick Davis, Taylor Ogilvie, Paige Phillips, and Andrea Rolufs-Sinclair.

The graduation banquet was held at the Stoughton Legion Hall and was catered to by the Grade 11 students. The graduation exercises were held in the school gym with the procession and introduction of the graduates. “O Canada” was sung by Jacquie Walbum and her oldest daughter Micah, age nine.

The emcee for the evening was teacher Trevor Graham. Guest speaker, teacher Jesse Zaraska gave a speech titled “Be Nice, Try Hard, Have Fun.” After his address, a gift was presented to Zaraska  by students Paige Phillips and Shannon Belanger.

The awards and scholarships were presented next: Meagan Breault received the $3,000 University of Saskatchewan entrance scholarship. She also received the John A Collier Scholarship in the fields of English and History at the University of Saskatchewan.

Paige Phillips won the $3,000 Centennial Merit Plus scholarship at the University of Regina. The Calgary’s Mount Royal University Entrance Award scholarship for Academic Excellence was won by Taylor Ogilvie.

Local bursaries and scholarships were presented as follows: The Town of Stoughton won by Taylor Ogilvie, presented by Mayor Bill Knous; the Lions Club $500 scholarship won by Taylor Ogilvie, presented by Lions member Del Coderre; and the Agriculture Society bursary won by Rick Davis, presented by Ag. Society member Gwen Veer.

The Goudy Transport award was won by Paige Phillips, presented by Tracey Cameron; the Stoughton Legion presented two bursaries to Meagan Breault and Taylor Ogilvie, presented by Peter Piper; the Stoughton Credit Union presented two bursaries of $350 each to Meagan Breault and  Taylor Olgivie, presented by Credit Union manager Clint Neuls; and the Stoughton Co-op presented two $500 each scholarships to Rick Davis and Taylor Ogilvie, presented by general manager Derik Reaney.

The other awards were presented by Dean Loberg on behalf of: Stoughton Vet. Services, recipient Rick Davis; Moose Mountain Wildlife Federation, recipient Paige Phillips; Access Centennial Communication of  $200, recipient Meagan Breault; Parrish and Heimbecker Ltd., ( formerly Weyburn Inland Terminal), recipient Taylor Ogilvie; the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship Award for $1,000, recipient Shannon Belanger; and the Ernest E. Poole Stoughton Endowment Fund $4,000, recipient Megan Breault.

The Valedictorian address was given by Meagan Breault. The diplomas were presented to the students by school principal Dean Loberg and assisted by vice Shelley Campbell. A slide show prepared by the students was then presented. The recession of the graduates with their escorts was next and the Grand March followed.

The graduates have these future plans: Taylor Ogilvie will attend Mount Royal University in Calgary to study for a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education degree. Rick Davis plans to attend the University of Regina and study Human Justice.

Shannon Belanger plans to become an electrician. Meagan Breault will attend the University of Saskatchewan to study English and History. Andrea Rolufs-Sinclair will spend this next year working with plans to enter university later. Paige Phillips will be studying Social Work at the University of Regina.


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