Sunday November 23, 2014

Most local improvement projects done


The City of Weyburn is most of the way through getting this year’s local improvements projects completed, and the paving crews will then remain busy as they work at paving new streets in the city’s new subdivisions.

Street recapping was done in June and July, including a number of intersections with Highway 39, at Highway 35 (Government Road), Third Street and at 16th Street and First Avenue.

Recapping was done on Windsor Street from First Avenue to Ash Drive; on Fifth Street from Prairie Avenue to First Avenue, and on Prairie from Fourth to Sixth Streets; on Coteau Avenue from Fifth to Seventh, and Eighth to Ninth streets, with one block petitioned out so it wasn’t done this year.

There were also blocks done on Ninth and 12th Streets from Souris to Coteau Avenues, and on Fourth Street South from about Fourth to Sixth Avenues.

The recapping wrapped up with Brimacombe Drive on the northern leg, from 13th Street to Fifth Avenue North.

A couple of sidewalk projects will be done, on Park Avenue from Ashford Street over to 13th Street, and on the frontage of Elks Park on Douglas Road.

Recapping was to occur on Victoria Street, but has been put off as the Habitat for Humanity home is being constructed there and the street will need to be dug up for the connection and installation of services there.

A project to be done later will be in River Park, once they have closed down for the year, as the inner loop road and parts of the outer loop road will be done, repairing some of the damages remaining from the flooding in 2011.


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