Saturday October 25, 2014

Front office at Nickle Lake is improved


The new front entrance gate office for Nickle Lake is one of the improvements that was recently completed at the regional park. The project cost over budget, by approximately $10,000, and the added expenses were mainly due to the added costs for air conditioning, internet service, new office furniture and appliances.

Extra floating docks were also purchased and were also over budget, due to the added boat usage. However, the Nickle Lake board did receive a grant for their 2014 improvements, and spend those funds on the new office, dock, play structure and other capital expenditures.

Several fire pits and a new table were purchased for the park, with cost of $4,000 for the fire pits, and $4,500 for the new tables. This is consistent with previous purchases, to maintain growth and replace worn-out items located around the park.

Nickle Lake has been very busy during the summer, and as of July 8 revenues were reported at slightly above average for this time of the season.

The staff is working hard to keep ahead of the grass cutting, tree trimming and regular maintenance.

Visitors to Nickle Lark are reminded to find a parking spot off the main streets, to allow traffic flow to work better.

Once the camping season is complete, there will be street improvements and bathroom upgrades completed.


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