Tuesday November 25, 2014

Picturesque countryside in Khedive


Khedive (cpd) —The countryside in Khedive is very beautiful, as one drives down the road. The lovely green crops beside the bright yellow fields of canola with the azure blue of a flax field here and there.

The hay crop is good this year, with fields being cut right now. There are large bales in the fields, as farmers start baling.

The trees and shrubs seem to be fuller and green than other years.

Some ponds and sloughs have a thick covering of greenish-yellow slime, that has an unpleasant smell. It is surprising to see ducks and other water birds swimming in this stuff.

Recent company with Dorothy Howse were Sharon Howse and Evelyn Robertson from Avonlea.

Company with John and Kathy Kaufmann on July 13 were Glen Froh and his mother Evie Froh, and a friend Jackie Daton, all from Regina.

After a few weeks visiting with her parents, Janice and Robert Mang, Melanie Moss and her children returned home to Calgary last week. Darren returned earlier, due to work.

A light rain fell on some areas April 22. With the heavy growth and hot weather, rain is needed.


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