Tuesday November 25, 2014

Canada justified in acting vs Russia


Recently the federal government took “a principled stand” when Russia made some aggressive, warlike moves against Ukraine, including shooting down an unarmed passenger airliner, and amassing their forces on the Russia-Ukraine border.

    Compounded on that was some very questionable moves, including taking possession of the Crimea area after a rigged vote by residents that was soundly condemned by many observer nations, who witnessed the corruption of the vote.

    Canada has imposed several sanctions on Russia, including restrictions on key business and political figures, along with trade restrictions, so recently Russia responded by imposing a ban on food imports from Canada, the U.S., the European Union, Norway and Australia.

    Was Canada justified with the extent of sanctions placed on Russia? Absolutely they were, and in all seriousness, Canada really could have and should have gone much farther and gotten much tougher with Vladimir Putin, who has been completely remorseless and unrepentant of his actions towards Ukraine.

    Canada took a principled stand that was required, in an answer to what can only be viewed as crimes and as acts of war, with their intrusion into many cities in Ukraine, upsetting the peace of the towns that are there.

    There is some proof that Russia is after targets of economic gain, including the control of ports on the Black Sea, and is certainly not out of a love for a former state under the Communist Soviet era.

    In spite of the bad memories of being under the iron fist of Communism as a part of the USSR, some Ukrainians are seeing the hard economic times some areas are experiencing and are placing their trust in Moscow once more. Ukraine is trying hard to maintain their proud independence, but they of course do not have the size and strength of Russia, so when Russia intimidates through violence and takes valuable resources that ought to be under the control and influence of Kiev, then other larger countries need to stand up for them and give voice to the injustice being perpetrated upon that state.

    Canada, the U.S. and Europe have been doing that, through NATO and as individual nations, and they need to continue to do so to keep Putin in check, and hopefully to keep him accountable. If it results in retaliatory actions, so be it. — Greg Nikkel


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