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New fungicide action launched for apples, grapes

A broad-spectrum fungicide combination featuring a brand-new mode of action has been launched in Canada for "all-in-one" control of both powdery mildew and botrytis bunch rot in wine grapes, and both apple scab and powdery mildew in apples.

Luna Tranquility, introduced Tuesday by Bayer CropScience, combines pyrimethanil, a Group 9 fungicide, with fluopyram, a "new and unique class" from Group 7.

The company rolled out fluopyram last fall from its research portfolio. The new active ingredient, Bayer said, "selectively penetrates" into a fungal cell's mitochondria, shuts down the pathogen and remains effective for "much longer than many of the fungicides currently in use."

With a longer-lasting effect, Bayer said in a November research article, fruit and vegetables "remain fully protected until harvest and can then be stored with no concerns over fungal infection."

Bayer already markets pyrimethanil by itself to the horticulture market under the name Scala SC.

David Kikkert, Bayer's horticulture portfolio manager, on Tuesday described Luna as the only co-formulation fungicide that controls the two apple diseases in the same application, and the only fungicide to control the two grape diseases at the same time.

The product, sold in two-litre jugs as a 500 gram-per-litre suspension, is best suited for use in a preventative treatment program, the company said.

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