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Young cattle producers take small-screen challenge

Efforts to win a trip to a major beef industry leadership conference in Australia have a group of young Canadian cattle producers showcasing their lives and livelihoods on YouTube.

Members of the Cattlemen's Young Leaders (CYL) development program, backed by the Canadian Cattlemen's Association and others, have created short videos for a contest managed by the Five Nations Beef Alliance (FNBA) young ranchers' program.

FNBA is a conference of five beef-producing nations (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and the U.S.) focused on a "shared vision" toward evolving issues of common concern in the beef cattle business, such as animal health and welfare and trading standards.

The organization, which last met at Banff, Alta. in September 2012, holds its next annual conference in Brisbane, Australia from Sept. 9 to 13.

The FNBA young ranchers' program has set up a YouTube channel at which it's posted videos made by young cattle producers from each of the participating countries.

The contest pledges a free trip and registration to the Brisbane conference for one young cattle producer from the country whose accumulated videos produce the most total views by July 1.

Canada's CYL program has been actively promoting the Canadian videos, which include:

What's your beef? News report on cattle abductions in Manitoba;
A rancher's creed;
What's that smell?;
Our livelihood, our passion;
Young cattlemen's dream; and From our family to yours... Mmm, beef.

Videos from cattle producers in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. are also featured on the Five Nations YouTube channel.

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