Sunday November 23, 2014

TV Blog Buzz: See 'Game of Thrones' stripped naked of its special effects

"Game of Thrones" fans have a long, long wait until season 4 premieres next year but here's an interesting diversion in the meantime. The special effects team at SpinVFX has released a clip reel ( of some of the work that went into the last season, which obviously relied very, very heavily on green screens and CGI. It'll give you a fresh appreciation for the layers of detail that are digitally added to make the series seem so epic. Here's a similar video ( from the company Pixomondo from season 2.


Diehard "Seinfeld" fans probably need no help in identifying "Prognosis Negative," "Cry, Cry Again" and "Rochelle, Rochelle." For everyone else, they were movies that played minor parts in "Seinfeld" episodes. The website Next Movie has posted a collection of inspired movie posters for these fake films (, imagining the likes of George Clooney, Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman in those fictional flicks.


Canadian actress Sandra Oh made major headlines and crushed fans of "Grey's Anatomy" with her recent announcement that she's leaving the hospital drama. Slate's Browbeat blog pays tribute to Oh's Cristina Yang as one of the strongest female characters to grace TV. "On another TV show, Yang's combination of qualities mercenary, scary, and extremely skilled would have made her the lead character's enemy, if not a whole litany of other cliches: the type-A Asian, the frigid ballbuster, the unlikeable shrew," writes Willa Paskin. "Instead, Grey's respected Cristina's ambition and wit, laurelled her with humour, swag, and a sex drive, and made her the lead character's best friend." (

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