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June 11, 2014 01:00 AM

The Graham and Ruby DeLaet Foundation was announced on Monday afternoon, during a media teleconference with Graham. The foundation will be the new umbrella brand that drives the DeLaet's charity efforts.

The central focus of the foundation will be supporting children's health, as well as supporting the development of junior golfers at all levels of the game.

"Ruby and I are now comfortable with our lives and our role on the PGA Tour," said Graham. "We felt it is time to give back, and support those who have supported us in the past."

"We wanted to ensure we always remember where Graham came from and the people that supported him through his journey," said Ruby. "It is important that our foundation represents Graham's roots and keeps Canada and Saskatchewan close to his heart."

The first official event for the Graham and Ruby DeLaet Foundation will be the Graham Slam, set for Tuesday and Wednesday, July 8 and 9 in Saskatoon. All the proceeds from this golf tournament will be donated to the Children's Hospital.

It is still important to DeLaet to support the junior golf program in the province. One piece of advice he would give any young athletes is to dream big. "Where you grow up has nothing to do with what you can achieve, so go for the gusto."

Also during the teleconference, Graham talked about appearing in his first-ever US Open, which officially starts on Thursday, June 12. He said that the Pinehurst No. 2 will be a difficult test for everyone involved.

"Everything at the Pinehurst No. 2 is a little bit scary," said DeLaet. He said that the challenge of the course is to keep consistent with a strong quality of playing, from driving a good ball, hitting it off the fairways, and having controlled putting on the greens. "You either have to be doing everything well, or doing a few things extremely well to succeed at this course."

Pinehurst No. 2 is best known for its crowned, undulating greens, which are some of the most complex and widely hailed in the world. DeLaet already took a swing at the course on Saturday, and remarked on the famed greens.

"When you stand downwind at the drivers box, sometimes you don't know how it will be possible to hit the green."
He also noted that the fairways are tricky too, as there is not much natural rough between hitting the fairway, and having the ball land in a wooded area. "This course will truly test the mental skills of the golfers," said DeLaet. "There is no way to play this course aggressively."

He did note that since he tries to play a safer game, that the Pinehurst No. 2 might be an excellent test of his own golf style. DeLaet also noted that precipitation before the tournament will determine how fast, or how hard a golfer will have to play.

Graham said the experience from his previous PGA majors, and the President's Cup, does help him prepare mentally for the US Open. "I have to stay in the moment, and hit it the best that I can," said DeLaet. "You have to stay in control, even with a course that might frustrate you."

He felt that staying in control is something that he has improved on in the last few years. "Golf is a game, that you can't force anything; you have to deal with the situation on hand."

Pinehurst No. 2 was listed on Graham's Top Five golf courses on his Twitter page, along with the Weyburn Golf Course. He noted that the Weyburn course is still a favourite, due to all the hours he spent there as a child.

During the teleconference, Graham also noted that he had taken a few weeks after competing at the Crowne Plaza Invitational to recover from a strained tendon in his foot.

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