EDITORIAL: Have a safe, responsible weekend

- Greg Nikkel / Weyburn Review
May 14, 2014 01:00 AM

The Victoria Day May long weekend is, for many people, the official start of fun: whether it's the camping season, or fishing season, golfing or cycling, the weekend is a hallmark time to encourage people to go outdoors and enjoy the natural beauty of our surroundings, in parks, in the country or even in the city.

In order for people to fully enjoy themselves, such as at the many regional and provincial parks where many families go to get away to camp and take in fresh air and sunshine (that is, if it doesn't rain), people need to be respectful not only of the park facility, but of each other, and of the laws governing alcohol use.

One of the results of people not respecting park rules is that there are many parks which have outlawed alcohol beverages altogether, and some have just banned glass bottles, to prevent broken bottles from creating a hazard throughout the park.

Campgrounds ought to be safe places for families, or groups of friends or individuals to bring in their RV or camper, or to set up a tent, and have a good time enjoying the facilities and nature; there should be no place for partiers to ruin the facility or the long weekend for everyone else.

Similarly, locally and around the province, police forces are going to focus on impaired driving; for whatever reason, this weekend (and summer in general) seems conducive to people being out with friends and/or family and drinking.

Within the confines of a private campsite, that is one thing, but when a person takes the drinking out onto the lake, or in a vehicle on the roads or highways, they bring danger to the public at large; not only is it highly illegal to be out travelling if one is impaired, but due to the impairment they are putting at risk other innocent (and sober) users of the highways, or of the lake, if they are out on a boat.

The Victoria Day weekend ought to be a celebration of the start of our all-too-brief summer season, and for families and residents in general to be active, and outdoors, enjoying themselves. They cannot do this if there are people who only think of themselves to the point that they wave off the dangers and illegality of drinking and driving, or in general being loud and obnoxious at a campsite and ruining the experience for everybody.

Let's all take thought for others, and have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

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