EDITORIAL: New year a chance to do better

- Greg Nikkel / Weyburn Review
January 8, 2014 01:00 AM

The birth of a new year in many ways is nothing more than the continuation of the calendar: another new day, a new week, a new month - but a new year can be more than that.

It affords us the chance to look back at where we've been, and to consider where we're headed, in our lives, in our communities and in our nation.

In our lives, consider what 2013 has been for us in our families, in the city or area we live in, in the circle of those we work and socialize with, go to school with, worship with, volunteer alongside.

Are there better ways to relate to each other? Can we do more, volunteer more, give more, of our time or our resources?

Can we make our city or town or RM a better place to live in some way? Then these are the directions we ought to think about taking our lives in 2014; when the call goes out for volunteers for a community event, or for a fundraiser to help students or an organization reach a worthy goal, then step up and make a difference.

One area that is noticeably in need of new blood, of people to come forward to say "I will help out ", is in the area of volunteerism. There are service organizations that are slowly dwindling in numbers, and some are folding up, passing the torch on to someone else, because they can't get people to come out and volunteer anymore.

In a community where people have jobs, families are doing well, and there is prosperity, let it not be said that needs were unmet, that an event or worthy cause could not be supported because people wouldn't come forward or to give to help out a fellow human being. Weyburn in particular has been a special place precisely because people volunteer when there's a need, and people have come forward to give and to be a part of making an event or cause happen.

As good as some people are doing in terms of their jobs or families, there are those who are struggling to make ends meet or simply to provide the needs for their family or for themselves, and are finding it hard to do so; "the poor you will have with you always", therefore it is incumbent on us as a community to help take care of one another, and ensure no one goes without basic needs.

Let 2014 be known in history as a year when people caring about other people makes a difference, when service clubs did not have to close their doors or stop putting on special events to benefit a person or group or the community-at-large.

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