LETTER: Driver says that Queen Street sight line is not the problem

Weyburn Review
January 8, 2014 01:00 AM

To the Editor:

I have to agree with the Johnny Knox letter in last week's Review! There are complaints about sight line on Queen Street.

Well, when I drive that road, my sight line starts before I turn south off of 13 highway. Before you even put your signal on for a left turn, you look straight ahead - you have almost a mile of sight line to see if there is a train. You look to the west, you can see almost to the grain terminals a mile before the warning cross arms at the intersection of 13 and railroad.

It's called, BEING AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS! All along Queen Street (that short distance from 13 to the railway crossing) you glance to your right, you can see the warning system on 13 crossing. I don't feel the sightline is the biggest problem, not being aware of your surroundings is.
It doesn't matter if you are driving a little 'bug' or a Super B - you have to always be aware of your surroundings. Be a defensive driver, especially if you are drivinganything from a single axle grain truck to a Super B tanker! It is almost 60 years since I drove semis (modified farm truck the 700 Ford 390) and traffic has changed drastically in those years, but being aware has not!

One 'cheaper' solution I have come up with, since all accidents on Queen Street have resulted from too short of space between highway and track all going south bound, and one case of ice. Be aware of surroundings.

My interim solution, until the twinning is completed, is to put up a light board, possibly a four-by-eight sheet, with a series of lights that are hooked up to the crossing lights on 13, that flash for south bound traffic only.

There doesn't seem to be much problem with north bound traffic. On this sign it could state: east bound trains only!

I know there are people that will say, "This is too confusing"! To those people I say, again, be aware of your surroundings when you drive. No texting or cell phone action. There are still far too many drivers talking on their cells, texting, or just plain tailgating!

What ever happened to the old rule of thumb of one car length between vehicles for every 10 miles an hour (not kilometres).

The only other solution is to get Timmys to put up another francise in that open field, with lots of parking, west of the taxidermist.

Ron Lutz,

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