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Calgary pilot project tries to find IT jobs for people with autism

CALGARY - Organizers of a pilot project say the very factors that pose challenges for people with autism could be qualities that help them excel in the information technology sector....

posted: July 28,2014


Preventing injury around the campfire: Safety tips for summer campers

TORONTO - A sobering reminder of the fatal potential of burns came earlier this month when a 53-year-old woman died after falling into a firepit at a private campsite in central Alberta....

Residential school survivors have respiratory damage, hearing loss, broken bones

WINNIPEG - The vast majority of claims filed by Indian residential school survivors seeking extra compensation for medical injuries are for hearing loss, respiratory illnesses and broken bones....

Saskatchewan Health annual report says 195 critical incidents a record high

REGINA - Saskatchewan Health's annual report says 195 critical incidents were reported over the past fiscal year....

Survey: Teenagers experimenting with human growth hormones more than doubled in the past year

PHILADELPHIA - Michael Guerreri wanted to try human growth hormones so he could look like a pro wrestler. Joe Badalanato hoped HGH would help him become a better football player. James O'Brien figured the drug would improve his fastball....

Court declares self-abusing female prisoner is not a dangerous offender

SASKATOON - A self-abusing woman who racked up 17 assault charges for attacks on guards and medical staff at Saskatoon's Regional Psychiatric Centre won't be declared a dangerous offender....

1st US count of Lou Gehrig's disease cases confirms illness is rare; most common in white men

NEW YORK, N.Y. - The government has issued its first national estimate for Lou Gehrig's disease, confirming the devastating disease is rare....

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