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Evaporating fracking waste water viable way of disposal, Nova Scotia report says

HALIFAX - A pilot project in Nova Scotia that examined treated waste water from hydraulic fracturing has concluded that evaporation is a viable means of disposal....

posted: October 23,2014


Waste not, want not: Change daily behaviour to conserve valuable water

VICTORIA - Installing low-flow toilets and shower heads are small steps homeowners can take to save water, but changing daily behaviour is really the key to conservation, says a Victoria expert....

Former Cargill worker fined for tampering with waste-water samples

CALGARY - A judge has fined a former employee at the Cargill meat-packing plant in southern Alberta for tampering with waste-water samples two years ago....

B.C. government sets 3.5 per cent income tax on LNG, half of what was planned

VICTORIA - The British Columbia government climbed down from its proposed goal of a seven per cent income tax on liquefied natural gas, earning praise from the industry, but forcing the finance minister to admit an election promise to...

More than 800 foreign scientists urge Canada to loosen funding and freedoms

OTTAWA - More than 800 scientists from around the world have signed an open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper decrying what they call a rapid decline in funding and freedoms faced by Canadian government scientists....

Yellowstone to Yukon conservation anniversary celebrated

EDMONTON - Environmentalists are basking in a warm glow of satisfaction this week as they celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of the largest and most successful conservation programs on the planet....

Another round of emissions tests underway at Nova Scotia pulp mill

PICTOU, N.S. - The Nova Scotia government says another round of emissions testing is underway at the Northern Pulp mill in the Pictou area....

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