Weyburn police lay charges for passing counterfeit bills

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August 6, 2014 01:00 AM

Officers made a routine traffic stop in Weyburn on July 22. As a result both occupants of the vehicle were arrested and appeared in court in Regina. In addition to the charges previously listed, the following charges were laid against a 36-year-old male: unlawfully have counterfeit money in his custody (Canadian currency), unlawfully have counterfeit money in his custody (American currency), breach of probation, fail to comply with recognizance (breach curfew), fail to comply with recognizance (not possess any ammunition), fail to comply with recognizance (not possess cell phone) and a charge of driving while suspended.
The 25-year-old female passenger in the vehicle was also charged with the following: unlawfully have counterfeit Money in her custody (Canadian currency) and unlawfully have counterfeit money in her custody (American currency).

On July 18, a 41-year-old male passed a number of counterfeit bills around Weyburn. The male was later identified and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was subsequently arrested by Regina Police Service on the following Weyburn charges: unlawfully have counterfeit money in his custody (American currency), did utter counterfeit currency (American currency), breach undertaking to keep the peace and be of good behavior, and breach undertaking (travel outside a 20-mile radius of Regina). The man was scheduled to appear in Weyburn court on Aug. 5 for his first appearance.

An officer responded to the Separate School Division Office on Thursday. A vehicle parked in the lot was heavily damaged, including that the doors were kicked in, it was keyed, the windshield wipers were bent, the windshield was smashed and the rear antenna was bent. The act of vandalism is under investigation.

A 22-year-old male reported that his vehicle was stolen on July 30. The vehicle was located by the RCMP later that day a distance from Weyburn. It was completely destroyed by fire. The incident is under investigation.

Police received a call for assistance relating to a domestic situation on July 28. A 39-year-old male refused to leave a residence after staying there for the weekend. The renter, a 46-year-old male attempted to forcibly remove him and the police were called. The male left after officers spoke to him and no charges were laid.

Police responded to an accident near Pod 10 of the Tatagwa View Health Care Facility on July 29. A 74-year-old male was travelling northwest on the service road when he crashed through a cement barricade and continued approximately 100 feet before coming to rest against a pile of dirt near a house under construction. The male went unresponsive while talking to officers and was transported to hospital and subsequently to Regina by STARS Air Ambulance. The accident is under investigation and there may be medical issues related to the accident. The investigating officer is recommending that the driver's license be reviewed.

Police received a number of complaints about a male stealing a wallet out of parked vehicle in the area of the Weyburn Police Service office on July 29. A 51-year-old male was located and arrested. The theft is under investigation and no charges have been laid.

Officers found a vehicle stopped with the passenger wheel on the curb at Fifth Street and Bison Avenue on July 29. The 52-year-old driver smelled of beverage alcohol and an Alcotest Demand was read to him. He provided a sample which indicated a fail reading. He was transported to the police station and provided breath samples and was found to be over .08. He was charged for having the care or control of a vehicle while over .08 and having the care or control of a vehicle while impaired.

Police received a call that a motorist had struck a youth on a skateboard on Friday. The 51-year-old female driver took the 18-year-old male to the hospital, he was treated and released. The incident was deemed accidental and no charges were laid.

An officer stopped a vehicle that had been driving erratically through the exhibition grounds on Friday. A 14-year-old male exited the vehicle and it was determined that the youth was under the influence of drugs, he also gave the officer a false name. The youth was arrested for impaired driving, and the following charges were laid: possession of a stolen vehicle, obstructing a peace officer, impaired operation of a motor vehicle by a drug, breach of probation, possession of cannabis resin and he was issued a ticket for driving under the age of 16.

Police received a complaint of an assault from a 20-year-old male victim on Saturday. Statements were taken and a 20-year-old female was arrested and charged for assault.

The Weyburn Police Service continues to receive calls about untidy and unsightly property and alleys behind private property. Weyburn City Bylaw 2004-3021 for Property Maintenance and Nuisance Abatement states that untidy and unsightly property is defined as accumulation of new or used lumber, cardboard, paper, newspaper, appliances, tires, cans, barrels, scrap metal or other waste materials or junk. In addition, maintenance of overgrown grass and weeds in the alley located behind your property are the responsibility of those in charge of that property. The Property Maintenance and Abatement Bylaw define "overgrown" as in excess of 20 centimeters in height.

There is one case of untidy and unsightly property before the courts and one individual is awaiting their first court appearance.

If you or anyone you know has any information regarding any of the above crimes, or any other serious crime, police are encouraging you to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-Tips (8477), or to contact the Weyburn Police Service.

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