Melfort Communities in Bloom’s efforts to be judged online

MELFORT — Since Communities in Bloom has cancelled all evaluation tours for 2020 across the country due to the pandemic, Melfort will have its beautification efforts judged over the web.

The 2020 special edition will include showcasing communities on social media, virtual question and answer opportunities with judges, special contests, and outstanding achievement awards.

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Peggy George with Melfort Communities in Bloom said the city will be continuing to take part, despite the lack of personal judging.

“The planters in the perimeter are already in place, somehow we’re going to get flowers in there – we just need to figure out how to do it differently and safely,” George said. “Same with the planters downtown on Main Street.”

She said she can’t even imagine a world where the planters sit there empty.

“We know so many people enjoy it and so many people walk on the walking paths. I just cannot imagine not having flowers in there.”

According to George, details are still coming to the local chapter on what this web special edition will mean and involve. Dates have not been released.

George said that while it’s understandable the judges won’t make personal visits due to safety reasons around the pandemic, it’s “disappointing”.

“The fact we’re not having the judges coming out is what really hurts because we so enjoy [it].”

She compared the Communities in Bloom judges coming to the equivalent of a royal visit.

“They’re our celebrities, they’re our peers we look up to, they’re the people that are interested and we know. Totally interested in what we’re doing and want to hear everything,” George said.

“It is just so important to have that interaction.”

The community garden at Spruce Haven has city approval to remain in operation for the season.

Community members can rent boxes for the season to plant.

“Because of the placement of our plots in the garden area it will be very easy for people to be in there working on their plots at a very safe distance from each other.”

To rent a plot, community members can contact George at 306-752-5165 or Myra Busby at 306-752-2714.

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