B.C. viewer raves about Weyburn Comp online music production

To the Editor:

Weyburn is such a fortunate town to have the talents of Tanya Cameron at your local school! I learned about your Comprehensive School’s production of “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr.” through cousins who have a granddaughter in the production, and I am so glad - I had a wonderful afternoon’s entertainment this afternoon.

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As a retired English/Drama teacher, it is beyond my imagination to think about how Mrs. Cameron prepared her students to deliver their lines, perform emotional gestures, and sing with confidence when they were isolated from one another because of the pandemic.

And like magic, she and her brilliant team of technological whizzes brought all of the students’ performances together so that they were believably interacting in the same settings!

The settings, costumes, props, lighting, music stream - all the supports of a stage production - were likewise brilliantly selected and managed. As I wrote to my cousins and to Ms. Cameron herself, "I had goose bumps more than once during the show and the sun was shining through the window onto my back so I wasn’t a bit chilly!”

Anyone in the Weyburn school district who hasn’t yet seen this production, don’t miss it. And some of you, like me, may want to see it again - I’ve already bought my second ticket! The price is right and one ticket can entertain the whole family.

Go to Showtix4u.com and search for Weyburn Comprehensive School presents “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr.” - there are still five shows between Thursday and Sunday.

Starla Anderson,

Victoria, B.C.