Chris Funk’s magic show to be featured for Weyburn Concert Series

A magic show by Chris Funk the Wonderist will be featured for the next presentation of the Weyburn Concert Series on Thursday, Feb. 6 at the Cugnet Centre.

The magician is a presentation of the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils (OSAC) as Funk is making a tour around the province.

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Described as a “dynamic and mind-blowing magic show”, Funk has entertained audiences around the world.

“There’s nothing really typical about my show. It’s very interactive, and the audience helps the impossible take place,” said Funk in an interview.

Currently on a tour around the province, Funk said the response “has been fantastic so far”, with audiences enjoying and participating in his show. “Saskatchewan has been a good province for me.”

Funk grew up in Winnipeg, and he has been developing his show over the last 26 years, constantly trying new tricks and evolving as he learns new illusions.

“I try out new stuff all the time,” he said, noting one of the acts he’ll be doing is a trick he’s been perfecting over the last 10 years.

He will be using a live video feed and interactive videos as he brings audience members up on stage and into the action as he delivers a show everyone can call their own. He injects music into his shows by playing a guitar and a violin at different points in his act.

Another trick was one he had to work on for over two years before he got it to the place he can do it in front of an audience. “It’s finally turned into something I’m supremely proud of,” he said.

Funk has appeared on a number of TV shows doing his magic, including “Wizard Wars” and with master illusionists Penn and Teller in Las Vegas, where he had to try and fool them with a trick. He wasn’t able to fool them, but they loved his act nonetheless, and the exposure on their show has helped make his name more known to audiences.

“They’re amazing guys. They want you to succeed, and it was a fantastic experience,” said Funk, noting he did a trick while playing a violin. “They loved the creativity I used. They’re huge advocates for great magic on TV.”

He has designed a show that encourages audience members to discover wonder while laughing, smiling, gasping with amazement and experiencing a child-like sense of awe.

For any aspiring magicians in the crowd, he will be selling a kit that includes information about the first few tricks he learned and performed.

Funk will perform in 18 Saskatchewan communities altogether as part of the tour that began in November, and will end right after the Weyburn show in Estevan.

The next presentation for the Concert Series will be Weyburn’s own Tenille Arts on Wednesday, April 8, at the Cugnet Centre.