Cleo Coderre decides to hang up his guitars, sell Music Craft

After 40 years in the business, Cleo Coderre is taking a step back from owning and operating Music Craft. “It is time for me to hang up my guitars. My plan is to just sell the retail side of the business and continuing on with installations and live sound production.”

Music Craft is a unique little store on Railway Avenue, and is known for many Weyburn musicians, music teachers and students, and local bands

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“One of my favorite memories would have been the teaching guitar lessons. You meet all these people, and you make a lot of friends. That was a highlight for me,” said Coderre. “Serving the community was a pleasure for me. I appreciate how the community has supported me over the years.”

With live sound production, Cleo has volunteered his time with many community organizations, including Communithon, Crocus 80, Fiddle Contest, Wheat Festival, Concert Series, Concert Jam, Family Place, Chamber of Commerce events, and local churches and schools.

“A person could take that for granted, but as I look back it is events and local customers and local trade in the area that kept me in business. Without their support, there would not have been a music store. Local people are really loyal customers,” said Coderre.

“I made a lot of connections with the local musicians and the local bands,” noted Coderre. “I like music, I enjoy playing, and I played with a lot of the musicians who came through the store. It is a good feeling to have that connection, because out of all that time you make friends, that become friends forever. You bond over the music and it ends up being a friendship.”

“My business is a perfect example of enduring the economic times. People have been shopping local, which is great. Those people have kept me here, to this point, which is really appreciated. I just hope that someone comes forward to take over the retail side of Music Craft.”

As he takes a step back from being an entrepreneur, Coderre noted that there will be some aspects of being a local businessman which he will miss. “I will really miss my students; they have been a huge side of my life. I will also miss my employees; I have had lot of employees who worked here, and they all have been really good people.”

“I also really appreciated the support of the local piano teachers and the students, who kept the printed music department of the store alive. We made great friends there too,” added Coderre.