Community forum to be held on Weyburn arts, WRCC plans

The Weyburn Arts Council will be hosting a community forum on the arts on Tuesday, Oct. 15, and anyone involved in the arts or is interested in the arts is invited to attend.

The meeting will be held at the Signal Hill Arts Centre, starting at 7 p.m.

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“This meeting will pick up where the one we held in May left off. In May, the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance came to Signal Hill Arts Centre to host a ‘Vital Conversation’ regarding the current state of and the future of art in our area. At this event, lots of ideas were brought up, as well as a few concerns,” explained Arts Council curator Regan Lanning.

She said this forum is open to everyone involved in any way in the arts, such as in arts organization, as arts presenters, arts educators, arts enthusiasts and more.

“We will be discussing the new Weyburn Recreation and Culture Centre and what it means for the arts community,” said Lanning, noting this will include submission guidelines for gallery exhibitions for the new facility currently under construction along with the new elementary school on Fifth Street.

“Mostly, it is an opportunity for the Arts Council to get feedback and suggestions from the public. We as the Arts Council have a lot of ideas, but we are just nine people. We need other people, new voices, new viewpoints. Tell us how we are doing, let us know what we are missing,” said Lanning.

In regard to the arts space at the WRCC, Lanning will have layouts for the arts-culture section of the space. She will talk about changes to the galleries, and how artists can get their art into the galleries, and she will also talk about what will stay the same.

“But the key goal of the event is dialogue. We need to hear from the public,” said Lanning. “I am seeking feedback regarding what they would like to see in the realm of arts and culture. Do they want more public art? More local art? More group exhibitions? I am seeking more cooperation and communication among the local arts groups.”

One of the issues brought up at the meeting held in May was that there needs to be more inclusive involvement in the arts community.

“This conversation is the first step. We need to get everyone at one table to clearly lay out what their goals are as a group or as individuals in the arts. Once we know what the goals are, we can work to help everyone achieve them,” said Lanning.

“I’m hoping this will become a yearly event where arts organizations can come together and share their programs, dates and goals. Then we can work together as a community to achieve them.”