Former local musician embraces his vision to become solo artist

Brayden King is enjoying the journey of his music career, as he recently decided to take song writing more seriously and debut himself as a solo artist.

“I have a new single recorded and everything is done. I am just working on some promo stuff, but it should be announced really soon and released in November,” said King.

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“It is my first single as a solo artist. As most people in Weyburn know, I played in a band for quite a long time. This is a different experience, because in doing this I have control over everything when it is just my solo project.”

Brayden had the opportunity to work with other musicians, where he arranged everything and wrote the music. As a solo artist, “it is very cool to have the control, but at the same time everything is on you. If you do not like something, it is up to you to change it.”

“It is definitely a different experience, but I am enjoying the journey so far. I am in the early stages of my solo career, but I am enjoying everything,” added King.

He was inspired to become a solo artist because he genuinely wanted to do something that was his full vision. “Being in a band is wonderful, but it can be tough to please everyone in the band and have everyone’s visions line up all the time. Also, I wanted to put some pressure on myself to make something of the things that I have been creating in my bedroom for the last little while.”

“It has been great (to write new material). I have written songs before in the past, but I don’t think that I have taken song writing as seriously as I am now.”

The single that will be released in November has a lot of the new music that King recently wrote. “All through the quarantine and COVID era, I ended up buying some recording equipment and was making demo tracks in my bedroom. That was just really cool not only to play the song, and sing the song with my acoustic guitar, but I was able to add other instruments and make my vision come to life by using my computer. It was really cool to have both the song writing process, and the arranging process just come out in the past couple of months.”

“It is incredible what you can do with one program. It blew me away when I started using it, and I am still learning. It is all part of the experience,” said King.

In the past, King found that he used to wait for inspiration, and that was a little counter-productive for him as an artist. “I wanted to create quite regularly and the way that I got that inspiration was to make it happen. I started to keep a journal and write about my life, and then I would read through those ideas and pick out some lyrically ideas to write a song.”

“I try to write honestly, especially now,” said King. He feels that he gets more comfortable with every song that he writes.

King will return back to the recording studio in November and plans to have more songs to release. He is hoping to have another single released by the end of the year.