“Grain Report” to bring catchy tunes to the Communithon Concert Jam

“Grain Report” will be performing some catchy tunes on their old-time instruments when they appear at the Cugent Centre for the Communithon Concert Jam on Saturday, October 21.
The band is made up of Thomas Roussin (vocals, mandolin), Ryan Shotton (vocals, banjo), James Anderson (harmonica), Gavin Millikin (vocals, guitar) and Neil Kirby (upright bass). Grain Report plays around one microphone with acoustic instruments, something they saw done by the acts that inspired them.
The Regina-based group calls their music ‘Agri-Pop’, and a middle-class Blue Collar Soggy Boys. “We are a concept-band. Basically, I wanted to create a Greatest Hits cassette tape that would be found in an old glove box of a truck, sort of like an artifact. I started with a couple songs and it just took off from there,” said Roussin.
Already, “Grain Report” has their Greatest Hits Volume One created, and current have 15 more songs written for Volume Two. They will have both cassettes and CDs available at the Concert Jam.
One of the things that “Grain Report” enjoys about live performances is connecting with audiences and making new friends. “It’s natural for us as humans to want to feel heard. One of the greatest feelings is when someone really ‘gets’ it and relates to our work,” said Roussin. “We also enjoying meeting all the cool people in the arts community and learning some of the local culture and history.”
When the band members listen to music, they listen to everything that they can. “There is so much sound out there to feast on and is so much to learn from the various way’s music can be arranged and produced,” said Roussin.
Coming to the Communithon Concert Jam will be a bit of a homecoming for Roussin. “I lived in Weyburn for a few months. I was fortunate to have experienced the deep history both on the hill and downtown. Always wanted to play here. I’m super stoked it’s a music event. It’s gonna be a blast and lots of yippin’ and whoopin’ for sure!”
The 36th annual Communithon will be held at the Cugnet Centre on Friday, October 20 and Saturday, October 21. The Friday portion of Communithon will feature local talent and will be televised live on Access 7. The Saturday portion will feature seven different Canadian bands and the cost to attend is $50. There will be food and liquor offered during the Communithon Concert Jam. Tickets are sold online at www.weyburnunitedway.com, and in person at the Weyburn Police Station, Prairie Sky Co-op Food Store and the Weyburn Review/Weyburn This Week office

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