Information sought on City of Weyburn’s permanent art collection

The Weyburn Arts Council (WAC) is requesting information about art and artists that have pieces in the Permanent Art Collection. WAC is looking for information to add to a series of books about the Permanent Collection featuring artists’ biographies and art works. The photos above show a selection of pieces from the permanent collection, on display around City Hall.

In 1974, the Weyburn Arts Council began acquiring works of art for the City. The main purpose of the collection is to preserve examples of the visual arts, created primarily in Saskatchewan, and to establish a record of our cultural heritage. WAC has been collecting one to four pieces every year, and the collection now holds more than 200 pieces.

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To celebrate the move of the Arts Council and the collection to the WRCC in 2021, WAC is updating and reformatting a booklet produced in 1984.

If anyone has art in the permanent collection, or has a family member whose art is featured, please reach out to WAC to share your information.

WAC is looking for photos of the artists, artist’s works, and for information that can be added to the artist’s biography.

Weyburn Arts Council curator Regan Lanning can be contacted at (306) 848-3922 or email at

The following is the complete list of the artists with works in the permanent collection: Alice Miller, Anne Epp, Art McKay, Bernie Smith, Beverly Sobush, Bill Hazzard, Brenda J. Burns, Carole McLean, Carolyn Preikschat, Chuck Crate, Colleen Tait, Connie Waterman, Cornelius Kievits, Courtney Milne, David Johnson, David Thauberger, Diane Dyck, Don Hefner, Don McVeigh, Donn Morton, Doris Wall-Larson, Dorothy Barlow, Dorothy Knowles, Ed Epp, Edna Markle, Eltje Degenhart, Elnora Olan, Erin Sidloski, Ernest Lindner, Franklin Heisler, George Buytendrop, Gordon Stairmand, Grace Rose Holyer, Hans Herold, Heather van der Breggen, Hugh Alexander, Ingrid Jackson, Inna Terletcka, Jack Severson, James Dundas, Jane Zednick, Jerry Didur, Jessie Popeski, Joan Linley, Joan McAnsh, Joe Fafard, Kathryn Groshong, Kay Flury, Ken Delgarno, Lois Olson, Lora Burke, Margaret Mainprize, Margo Jacobs, Marilyn Nelson, Marsha Delouchery, Martha Cole, May Ann Seitz, McGregor Hone, Michael Langley, Michael Lonechild, Millie Coghill, Otto Rogers, Patrick Hurst, Pearl Wicks, Peter Shostick, Pieter van der Breggen, Raymond Churchill, Reta Cowley, Richard Widdifield, Robert Christie, Robert Seaton, Roland Olson, Rosemary Ponto, Russell Yursity, Ruth Welsh, Ryan Arnott, Song Nan Zhang, Susan Schaefer, Ted Godwin, Torrie Kakakaway, Veronica Brock, Vic Cicansky, Wally Nicholson, Walter Suchowolec, Wilf Perreault, Wynona Mulcaster and Yvette Moore.