Kreative Kids program designed to help children learn new skills

Kreative Kidz Fine Arts Academy is a brand new program offered in Weyburn and the only one of its type in southern Saskatchewan. It’s designed to help children learn new skills and teamwork.

“We learn manners, how to follow instructions and be a good friend to others. We know the importance of movement and the advantages to the fine arts, and we wanted to create a program to share the joy the fine arts can give,” said Tammy Bhimji, known as Miss Tammy to her students.

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She is passionate about developing confident, healthy, and well-rounded children. She believes that fine arts teach many life skills that can be applied to all aspects of life. She focuses on building confidence through movement, as she feels this is the best gift. 

Kreative Kidz is a diverse, all-inclusive program for children ages two to five years. “It's fun and active curriculum allows children to develop social skills and talents at a young age. Children will participate in dance, yoga and fitness classes while enjoying music, art, and drama lessons. Students have five classes each day filled with imagination and movement,” said Miss Tammy.

Currently, classes run for two hours on Thursday afternoons, but there is enough interest to also run a weekend program. “The goal of the program is to enhance each child's overall development by advancing gross and fine motor skills and improving social, cognitive and emotional awareness. This program is for all children to have an opportunity to develop their confidence, spark imagination and foster creativity. It's time to get active and connect with others with a small class size in a large studio space,” said Miss Tammy.

Since the Kreative Kids classes are offered as a short-term option, families can join for either 10 or 18 weeks. “There are not a lot programs designed for ages two to three that are a drop-and-go setting and parents love the option.”

The small class size also allows Kreative Kids to limit group sizes to ensure that they are following all COVID-19 safety protocols. “Our program is still very new and we encourage parents to reach out and ask questions, no commitment required. We also provide free Kreative Kidz Books for all families who register that discusses our program in detail and lets our families know what is happening, every step of the way.”

“Preschool children have always been a favourite of mine to teach and I have invested a lot of my training into this age group. Young minds are so open, loving, and curious. Kreative Kidz has a very specific program designed with this age in mind. From songs, to crafts to fitness activities, we have worked with some amazing early childhood program developers to ensure we are offering a program that will be enriching and beneficial while consistently staying fun.

The Kreative Kidsz program is now running their second session, and it speaks to their success to have families returning. “The feedback we are receiving back is so positive and full of thanks for bringing a program such as Kreative Kidz to our community. The parents love the design of the program. They appreciate the time and effort that goes into providing a safe, educational, and fun space for the toddler while the kids express their love for the program through their smiles and giggles,” said Miss Tammy.

“Having that child who is shy and nervous come day one, not wanting to leave their parent's side or wanting to interact with others -- to suddenly be holding their teacher's hand, singing the friendship song or simply saying ‘see you next week’, is the biggest reward of my teaching career,” said Miss Tammy.

“Those are the moments I teach for. If I have made one small difference in the life of a child, introducing them to the fine arts and allowing them to explore and discover what makes them happy, Kreative Kidz achieved our goal.”