New gallery set up in Weyburn City Hall

Curator Regan Lanning set up the exhibit, “Winter in Saskatchewan”, in the new gallery space on the second floor of Weyburn’s City Hall on Thursday afternoon.

The multi-artist exhibit had originally been set for the Signal Hill Gallery in mid-January, but the weekend prior to its opening, a major failure of the fire sprinkler system occurred on Jan. 10, causing extensive water damage in the Signal Hill Arts Centre, forcing the city to close that facility while the damages are assessed and repairs can take place.

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The new City Hall Gallery with its multi-artist show will open to the public for viewing on Monday, Feb. 3, and the gallery will be open Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day.

The offices of curator Regan Lanning and arts and culture coordinator Alice Neufeld have been relocated to City Hall, and the space on the second floor formerly used for a display of oil and gas resources in southeast Saskatchewan has been turned into the new gallery space for the balance of 2020.

A new gallery and arts space is being constructed currently as part of the $25-million Weyburn Recreation and Culture Centre, adjacent to the Legacy Park elementary school being built on Fifth Street, and those facilities will not open until September of 2021.

For the arts programs formerly run out of Signal Hill, a number of those will now be held in the Sun Room at the Weyburn Leisure Centre.